Happy, er — Thursday? Yeah, I gave myself an extra day this week because Monday was a holiday here in BC, and we actually did a TON of Family Enrichment Activities instead of hiding inside from the heat and smoke. And now I have a tan and a bunch of bug bites! Hooray!

The story continues, though! <3


Panel 1 (Imogen’s kitchen window, from outside)
Imogen, off-panel: So… was he there?
Alex, off-panel: No, he’d already gone to work.
Imogen, off-panel: Good. I don’t really want to face him…

Panel 2 (inset, Alex looking angry)
Alex: You have nothing to be ashamed of! He’s the asshole! You don’t have to make it better, that’s his job.

Panel 3 (Imogen, side-view, looking pensive)
Imogen: But I NEED to figure this out with him. He’s my whole life. I don’t know, like… what do normal people do? Do we go to therapy? He won’t. He wasn’t even sorry.

Panel 4 (inset, close-up of Imogen’s fidgeting hands. Her ring has been removed)
Imogen: He didn’t even say he loved me. Just that he loved out life.

Panel 5 (Alex coming up out of her chair, mirthful, while Imogen blushes and looks away)
Alex: Of course he said that! Who wouldn’t love to have their every need fulfilled by a total babe?
Imogen: Alex…