WOOP WOOP, THIS IS NOT A DRILL! We have forward motion!


Panel 1 (Alex, looking exasperated)
Alex: I’m serious! What does he do for you? You’re a perfect little housewife for him, and this is how he repays you? You cook for him, keep his house clean, wash his clothes, raise his kids — you’re worse off with him than you would be alone!

Panel 2 (Imogen, suddenly angry)
Imogen: What do you expect me to do, huh? I don’t have a job! I flunked out of college! I don’t have any money!

Panel 3 (Alex, mid-shot, concerned)
Imogen, off-panel: I have four kids, Alex! What now?

Panel 4 (no text; Alex, close-up, thoughtful)

Panel 5 (Alex, looking stunned even as the words come out of her mouth:)
Alex: …move in.