Doing one page a week means you have to go back to figure out how you drew a room six months ago because it’s only been twelve hours in comic time…


Panels 1 and 2 (Alex and Imogen hugging)
Imogen: What am I going to do? What will I tell the boys?
Alex: We’ll figure it out after school. Just don’t go back there alone.

Panel 3 (Alex picks something off of the side table in the foyer)
Alex: Here.

Panel 4 (textless; Imogen’s hands as she holds a set of keys with an I (HEART) GOLF keychain)

Panel 5 (Imogen, close-up)
Imogen: Alex… thank you… f-for everything. I don’t know what I would have done without you.

Panel 6 (Alex, close-up; behind her is a box labelled ‘stuff for Eris’ sssh sssh don’t worry about it)
Alex: You’re not going to find out. Promise.

Panel 7 (textless; Imogen startles as her duffel bag begins to vibrate)