Oh, yeah, he’s still being an asshole – but at least this time you don’t have to read what he’s saying?


Panel 1 (Imogen, still talking on the phone, gesturing with hair clippers while Lucas listens)
Imogen: One day you’re telling me you want a divorce, the next you’re begging for forgiveness… -you want to see a marriage
counselor, then you’re talking to a lawyer just in case…

Panel 2 (Imogen, angry at the phone)
Imogen: I don’t have money to hire a fancy lawyer, Jonathan!

Panel 3 (Imogen rubs her forehead – she’s standing in front of the fridge calendar, and on it is written (pretty small, sorry) LAWYER and COUNSELOR scratched off a few times)
Imogen: No, no… I’m sorry. I’m sorry for raising my voice. Can we- you mentioned you still wanted to meet the counselor, right?

Panel 4 (Imogen stoops to write on the calendar)
Imogen: She said her next spot is Tuesday at- yes, I know you work- wait, you’re taking time off for a dentist appointment on Friday; if I call and move that can we do it then?

Panel 5 (Imogen looks accomplished, Lucas side-eyeing)
Imogen: See? Teamwork.