Happy Wednesday!! Another page coming to y’all, hot off the presses.

There’s a pretty spirited discussion about the specifics of divorce law in the comments of these comics, so I do wanna say that Motherlover’s gonna be pretty light on the details and focus more on what’s happening in the emotional arc.

Divorce law is different in every country, so what’s true for where you are won’t be the same for other readers, and it won’t map 1:1 to what’s going on in the comic. Please don’t try to win the comments section by pointing out legal inaccuracies – it’s not going to be legally watertight, and it’s not intended to be!

The comments are not legal advice! And neither is this comic! This has been a PSA. πŸ˜€


Panel 1 (Imogen, hand on forehead)
Imogen: … no, I know… it’s just… I think that while we’re figuring this out, I should stay here.
Imogen: …the kids can stay here on school nights too, and go there on weekends.
Imogen: I’m not trying to tear the family apart! I’m trying to do what you want!

Panels 2-4 (Imogen yelling at her phone, gradually getting closer and more animated)
Imogen: …well, that’s just none of your business!
Imogen: Of course we’re not sleeping toge- pullout couches exist!

Panel 5 (Imogen turned away, clicking her phone off)
Lucas, off-panel: So… are you guys back to getting a divorce?

Panel 6 (Imogen looks on as Lucas pulls the… haircutting smock thing off)
Imogen: Um… I don’t know, sweetie. Sometimes mommies and daddies just need some time to talk about stuff. Can you go tell Gavin it’s his turn?
Lucas, grumbling: He’s not my dad…