I was really lucky to have finished this one a little early, because shoulder pain knocked me out this weekend and I wasn’t able to finish the How Baby. But! I had enough time before it set in to finish all the fiddly details of this page.

…or maybe that was the cause. Hmm. Doing comics is hard. <3


Panel 1 (Alex looks behind her at the kitchen while Imogen goes back to shaving Gavin’s hair)

Panels 2-4 (Messy house! A sink full of dishes, bags and shoes in the entryway, spills and clutter on the counter)

Panels 5-6 (Alex sighs and puts on a brave smile)
Alex: So! Did you call the lawyer again?

Panel 7 (Imogen close up, Alex exasperated in the background)
Imogen: Um, well… he said he’d agree to try counselling again.
Alex: Ugh! That’s what he said last week!