She a little tactless, but she got the spirit.


Panel 1 (Alex regarding Imogen in the very close foreground)
Imogen: Besides, I like be helpful. It’s the least I can do.
Alex: You could just relax.

Panel 2 (Imogen brandishing the clippers, winking)
Imogen: You know I can’t!

Panel 3 (Alex opening her phone to a food delivery app while Imogen protests)
Alex: Okay, well, I’m ordering dinner. That’s one thing off your plate.
Imogen: What? No, I can cook!
Alex: Nuh-uh. You’ve done enough. Anything more, and I’d have to pay you! Seriously, it’s like having a nanny again.
Imogen: You don’t have to pay me! We’re the ones living in your house!

Panel 4 (Alex, looking at her phone)
Alex: Are you kidding me? With my first concert in a year coming up, you watching Nolan alone is worth it. Jonathan didn’t appreciate how much work you do.