Imogen is so pretty aaaaaaaaaaah- <333

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Panel 1 (Imogen startling as Alex sits in the dining chair and begins to slough off her outer clothing layers)
Imogen: R-really?
Alex: Sure! You can’t do worse than the blonde buzzcut I had in school.

Panel 2 (Alex ties her hair back while Imogen looks out hesitantly)
Imogen: You… were blonde? I didn’t know that.
Alex: Even I had a rebellious phase! Didn’t you?

Panel 3 (open panel of Imogen smiling, preparing to cut Alex’s hair)
Imogen: Um… I think I used up all my rebellious points dropping out of college and keeping my high school boyfriend’s baby.

Panel 4 (textless; close-up of the clippers starting to cut Alex’s hair)