Happy Wednesday!! I actually spent the weekend in the hospital with another flare-up of my esophagitis, but luckily this page was already mostly finished! It’s too bad my buffer keeps being taken up by random emergencies, but at least this one was already in the hopper. 🙂

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oh my god there’s a lot of text in this one, here we go

Panel 1 (close-up of Alex looking back at Imogen while her hair is being clippered)
Alex: Hey… remember you talked about wanting to go back to school?

Panel 2 (Imogen exclaiming while Alex looks optimistic)
Imogen: I can’t do that now! The tuition alone…
Alex: I’m sure you could get a bursary! Or a loan!

Panel 3 (close-up of Imogen, looking doubtful)
Imogen: But what if I just end up dropping out again? Student debt, and nothing to show for it again? I should just get a job and save up.

Panel 4 (Alex looks over her shoulder at Imogen/the viewer)
Alex: Imogen… with all the love in my heart… what job? What entry-level job is going to support five people, with enough left over to save for tuition?

Panel 5 (Imogen, disgruntled)
Imogen: You don’t have to rub it in.

Panel 6 (Alex turns around and braces her hands on the back of the chair)
Alex: I’m not trying to! I just don’t want you to keep putting off what you want because you think you can’t do it.