Countdown to the first time I save out a page having turned off one of the fiddly lace layers… begin!

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah it’s Imogen…! I hope you like her new hair! Personally, this new silhouette is more fun to draw… and she’s not weighed down any more, yaaaay~


Panel 1 (It’s Imogen! Her hair is shorter and curlier, and she is wearing a very fancy dress with lace)

Panel 2 (Alex, exclaiming happily)
Alex: Wow, you look amazing! That’s the one!

Panel 3 (Imogen wrings her hands nervously while Alex looks at her in the foreground)
Imogen: Really? It’s not too much? Last time I went to a concert, I wore jeans and sneakers.
Alex: No, it’s great! You’re gonna knock ’em dead.

Panel 4 (Imogen exclaimy time, while Alex turns back to her closet, waving a shoe)
Imogen: You’re the one actually performing! I’m just your guest!
Alex: Well, you’re not wearing runners with that. We’re the same size, right? Hold on, I think I have something.

Panel 5 (very sparkly silver pumps, open-toed, with red soles)
Alex, con’t: Ah-ha! I haven’t worn these in forever!