I took a week off to work on Motherlover, expecting to get a BUNCH of pages done quickly… so enjoy this page that has three backgrounds in it, because work expands to fit the time you give it. (:

Establishing panels, man! They’re necessary, and I’m a LOT faster at doing them than I used to be. Sometimes I look back and think about how I agonized over having to do backgrounds in chapter one, now it’s just like… yeah, I can draw that room with a weird perspective, no prob. I can’t wait to see what I think is easier in a few chapters.

HAPPY PRIDE MONTH, y’all! I’m so pleased to be bringin’ y’all this chapter during Pride. It’s become more and more important to me (and politically relevant, unfortunately) since it was first written, and I hope you like it too.


Panel 1 (Alex scrutinizing the broken heel of her shiny shoe)
Alex: Weird… they weren’t broken when I put them away.

Panel 2 (Imogen leans over Alex’s shoulder, peering at a note found in the shoe)
Alex: Is that… a note?
Alex, quoting: Sorry for playing in your shoes and breaking them. Aiden and Adrian.
Imogen: …there’s no way those boys would apologize first.

Panel 3 (Adrian, Aiden, and Gavin relaxing in a room with two twin beds)
Imogen, off-panel: Boys!!

Panel 4 (Imogen poking her head around the door)
Imogen: Were you playing with Ms. Koenig’s shoes?

Panel 5 (Aiden, angry; Adrian, guilty)
Aiden: Why? No.
Adrian: We didn’t do it!
Aiden: Lucas made us not tell!
Adrian: Ssh! Ssh!

Panel 6 (Imogen, confused)
Imogen: …Lucas?