Happy Motherlover day! This is the first of a five-week buffer I’ve very nearly finished, thanks to taking a week off work to focus on the comic. I’ve NEVER been five weeks ahead, it’s very exciting.

Happy Pride, y’all! There are five Wednesdays this month, a big win for the gays.

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Panel 1 (Alex and Imogen descend into the basement, where Lucas is playing video games in the foreground)
Imogen: Lulu?
Lucas: Mmhmm?

Panel 2 (Imogen, hesitant)
Imogen: Do you… know what happened to Alex’s shoes?

Panels 3-4 (Lucas startles, then whips around, hands shaking holding the controller)
Lucas: I… didn’t do it! It was the twins! They were like that when I found them!

Panel 5 (Imogen, frustrated)
Imogen: What were you doing in her closet in the first place? That’s private!

Panel 6 (Alex, unbothered, leaning on the bannister)
Alex: Yeah, besides… you should really limit your time in heels. Your feet are still growing.