Hello! Happy Motherlover day, and happy belated Solstice!

VERY happy to share that patrons actually got to see the entire rest of the chapter this week, as I managed to finish the next batch of pages! Thank you to everyone who joined after last week to get a sneak peek – and if you didn’t last week, the deal is even sweeter as now you get to read a whole chapter ahead! I can’t overstate how even a dollar or two per reader goes towards supporting the comic; it might not seem like a lot, but when over forty people sign up at the same time you can really do some numbers!

I’m so thrilled reading everyone’s comments and anticipations for this chapter. I hope it’s readin’ well and maybe helps put a little good in the world, when it’s all out there. That’s all I can ask for anything I make.


(An entirely textless page. Alex exits from the basement into the living room, sighs, and looks to her left into the sitting room where she sees/imagines a ghostly image/memory of the young Alex from the previous page.)