I forgot to upload the page again. Hah. Sorry, it’s super hot here, it’s baking my brain.

Anyway, it’s sapphic bonding time… just with an unexpected member of the Dawson clan. πŸ™‚


Panel 1 (Alex, thoughtful)
Alex: I guess I just… felt different. I liked things… people I wasn’t supposed to.

Panel 2 (Lu’s socked feet, unsure)
Lu: Yeah… same.

Panel 3 (Lu, close-up)
Lu: I mean… I still like girls, I guess? They’re nice. And I really hate hockey. And all the guys who play hockey. It feels like… I’m not really the same as them. And the girls are so cool! Especially the figure skaters! They’re like… graceful, and pretty, and…

Panel 4 (Lu puts her head in her hands, groaning, while Alex looks on understandingly)
Alex: Yeah, girls. I get it.