Hey, sorry about the day delay! Honestly, I straight up wasn’t keeping track of what day of the week it is. It’s summer, baybeeeee.

My fingers are just about healed – doing the How Baby last week was a little rough – but at least I can see the end now. I’ve got three more pages built up in this buffer before the chapter’s over, then the usual break (shorter this time, likely) before I need to get the next pages done, but it’s been really nice being so far ahead. As soon as I can get drawin’ on the next pages, patrons will get them all as a batch and this site will continue to get them weekly!


Panels 1+2 (Alex follows Lu onto the back patio)
Alex: Hey. It’s okay about the shoes.

Panel 3 (Lu, facing away)
Lu: Okay. Thanks.

Panel 4 (Alex sits down onto the patio swing beside Lu, who’s clinging to the rope)
Alex: Do you… want to talk about anything else?

Panel 5 (Lu, big panel, looking back at the reader/Alex)
Lu: Yeah, I guess… h-how did you know… you were… different?