The chapter continues! Happy Wednesday!

It got too late to finish up the entire batch of pages to post on Patreon (real talk: I was refreshing social media and talking to people about Exocolonist, the game I wrote!), but they’re SO nearly done – I should be able to finish them up in a couple of days and put them on Patreon for reading in bulk!

Yes, note that Alex is conveniently wearing an asymmetrical dress that covers her tattoos. No, I will not be defending myself, my reasoning is completely sound and I deserve it.


Page is mostly textless; it depicts Imogen talking with Kinsey (Alex’s ex from chapter five) in the lobby of the theatre from the previous page. She looks around and spots Alex coming out of a side door with other musicians, and runs to her to give her a big hug.

Imogen: Alex! You were amazing! Wow!!