Happy Wednesday! We’re almost through the necessary establishing shots of this theater foyer, thank goodness. If you’re not a Vancouverite and therefore know it on sight, it’s based on the Orpheum Theatre here. It’s fancy!!

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Panel 1 (Imogen, in the foreground, watches as one of the musicians claps her on the shoulder with a smile)
Musician: It’s good to have you back, kid.
Alex: It’s good to be back!

Panel 2 (overhead of the lobby, people standing around and chatting. Kinsey approaches at a more sedate pace)
Musician: Your parents must be looking down in pride.
Alex: W-well, they have the best seats in the house.

Panels 3-4 (The musician turns to Imogen, who freezes in a close-up)
Musician: And… is this finally the famous Eris? Head chef of the Celestine? Alex didn’t lie, you’re quite beautiful indeed!

Panel 5 (Kinsey regards Alex and Imogen with incrimination)
Alex: Ah, no, this in my roommate, Imogen. We’re just friends.
Kinsey: Wait, roommate? You let her move in?