Happy Wednesday! One more page after this, then we’re perfectly timed for a nice holiday break. Well – a holiday break for y’all, but not for me, as I’ll be working on drawing the next chapter! Oh, what a horror, getting to tell the story I love working on just as things are coming to a head. 🙂


Panels 1+2 (Imogen returns to Sparrow and Alex)
Imogen: Hey! What did I miss?
Sparrow: Alex was just filling me in on the ruse.

Panel 3 (close-up on Imogen)
Imogen: Oh! Dealing with strangers is like dealing with kids. It’s easier to tell a harmless white lie than to explain the truth over and over.

Panel 4 (Alex, looking put-out between Sparrow and Imogen)
Sparrow: Quick thinking. I can see why Alex likes you.
Alex: Sparrow is meddling. They like to do that.

Panel 5 (Sparrow puts their hands on Imogen’s shoulders)
Sparrow: Correct me if I’m wrong.

Panel 6 (Sparrow leans in and murmurs in Imogen’s ear:)
Sparrow: Better luck than the last one, darling.