The end! Of chapter 13, anyway, and timed just right to take a little break for the holidays. Thank you, as always, for coming along with me on this ride. It’s so gratifying to be able to slowly unravel these characters for you, after so long – one of the best parts of being able to create things.

I’m almost finished scripting the next chapter – I’m getting a divorce lawyer to read it over for any errors, one of the cool things having patrons has allowed me to do – and then I’ll spend a few weeks getting the first few pages of the next chapter batched out. Patrons will get to read them as they come out, but regular weekly posting will continue after the break!

I hope everyone reading this can enjoy some sort of restful time at the end of the year, and may we all have some luck in the new one! Happy Solstice – it only gets brighter from here.


(No text in this one! Alex and Imogen react to Sparrow’s words from the last page, with Imogen looking questioningly at Alex)