Hello friends! Happy Wednesday!

I have a busy couple weeks ahead of me – I’m headed to SF for the Game Developers Conference, where I’ll be presenting a panel about content warnings and attending the GDCA and the IGF awards, and then the week after that I’m taking a last-minute trip to attend the BAFTA awards – it’s award season for the game I worked on! Cross your fingers for us!


Panel 1 (Exterior of building and windows)
Lawyer: Divorce is common. The courts are actually pretty good at sorting out hurt feelings. Maybe it won’t seem fair to him, but that’s because he’s been benefitting from your silence for ten years.
Imogen: It’s not about the money, though! My student loans came in…
Lawyer: Oh, that’s right! Nursing school seems like a good fit for you.

Panel 2 (close-up of lawyer)
Lawyer: But, Imogen… sometimes it is about the money. And that’s okay. Marriage isn’t just about love, it’s a contract. You promised to support one another. You did that every day of your marriage, and he didn’t. You deserve to get back everything you put in, and your children deserve the best he can provide, too.

Panel 3 (close-up of Imogen’s purse in her lap)
Imogen: Yeah, he… hah, he didn’t want me to go to school, so… I guess he owes me one.

Panel 4 (Lawyer and Imogen shaking hands)
Lawyer: That’s exactly how it should work. He got his for ten years, now you get yours.
Imogen: Thanks.