Again, big thanks to the lawyer who helped nail down some of the things Imogen’s dealing with in this chapter!

If it doesn’t make sense in your jurisdiction, please don’t come for me! This comic takes place in almost-Canada under almost-Canadian divorce law, but isn’t intended to be super watertight with the details. Let reality take a backseat to what the story is trying to do, that’s what I always say. <3


(Page is one panel: Imogen and her lawyer, from above)

Lawyer: Regardless, I wouldn’t be too worried. I think the judge will see that you’ve been the main caregiver. You’ll get a certain amount per child per month, based on his income. It’s very simple, actually. There’s a formula. And even though he inherited the house, you’re entitled to half of how much it’s increased in value since you got married. Which, in this market, is quite a bit. There’s a reason he’s dragging his feet on making a full financial disclosure; he owes you a lot of money.

Imogen: R-really?

Lawyer: Oh, yes. More than enough to cover any obligations to spousal support, if he decides to sell the house. And this is all in the separation agreement. There’s actually no need to rush filing for divorce, unless you intend to get remarried right away.

Imogen: Um, no…! That won’t be necessary! Wow.