One more pre-scheduled post as I continue my whirlwind international tour! I’m in London right now, likely getting ready to attend the BAFTA awards. As I write this two weeks in the past, I’m pretty freaking excited.

Thank you for continuing to read along with this story! This was a fun page to draw – we LOVE a dramatic reveal.

Eris’s shirt is actually an homage to the first drawing I did of the very first incarnation of ‘Alex’, when I was ten years old. She’s… obviously changed a lot in twenty-six years, but there’s been a brunette badass with long hair named Alexis in my roster of OCs ever since this one.


Panel 1 (Imogen gathers up her papers and picks up her phone)
Imogen: Yep! Yep, yep, yep! We’re good! Sorry, I wasn’t watching where I was…

Panels 2-4 (It’s Eris, Alex’s ex-girlfriend! She’s standing over Imogen in concern, carrying lots of grocery bags)
Eris: Wait, you’re Alex’s new friend, aren’t you?