Whoops!! So sorry this wasn’t up earlier; I’ve been traveling and I got my days turned around, and forgot to post this last night.

We didn’t end up winning at the IGF, GDCA, or BAFTAs… but I had a great time anyway! And it was such a joy to meet the other nominees in our categories, particularly the Games Beyond Entertainment category at the BAFTAs. Every game in that category is a total treat, and really shows what’s possible when you have a little game and a big heart.

Anyway! Please enjoy getting to know Eris a little better… she might be my new favorite character, actually. She was so sharp in her first appearance, which was partially the way I drew her at the time, but I like to think that in retrospect because that was an Imogen POV chapter, Imogen was just so intimidated that she looked Like That to her. 😀


Panel 1 (Eris helps Imogen to her feet)
Eris: I like your hair. It suits you.

Panel 2 (Imogen adjusts her glasses, smiling)
Imogen: Um… thank you. It’s Eris, right?

Panel 3 (Eris moves Imogen under the awning, out of foot traffic)
Eris: Yes, that’s right. We met at my place. I’m surprised you recognized me. You left early that day.
Imogen: Y-yeah, sorry, I wasn’t feeling well.

Panels 4-6 (Eris notices that Imogen is carrying papers from a family lawyer, and smiles gently)
Eris: Hey… why don’t we go grab something now? To make up for last time.