The end of chapter 14! I’m so glad we got to spend more time with Eris and get the backstory on her and Alex. It’s been a long, many-hinted time coming.

I’ll need a few weeks’ break before the next chapter is ready to go up – I got super burned out these past few months, after getting COVID and traveling so much for work, the slump was really long this time. I’m making forward motion on the next chapter, but as we get closer to the end (three more chapters!) it’s all much higher stakes… which is terrifying! And so I want to make sure the scripts are 100% perfect and we get all these tasty details wrapped up.

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Panel 1 (Eris, looking fond/indulgent)
Eris: …you haven’t been a lesbian for very long, have you?

Panel 2 (Imogen protesting)
Imogen: Wh-what? I’m not…

Panels 3-4 (soft focus owo romantic Imogen looking at Alex in a flashback and catching her eye hey look this comic is gay)

Panel 5 (big Imogen, big realization)
Eris, off-panel: Welcome to the club of people hopelessly in love with Alex. It’s not much, but we have each other.