May the third (whoops) Fourth be with you! I’m going to be in a (recorded) panel for LudoNarracon talking about our game today at 1PM PDT, if you’re into that sort of thing. I’ll always find a way to bring up fandom, which I do in record time for this one.

Eagle eyes may have noticed that Alex’s tattoo was missing from the last panel on the last page. Whoops, again! Sometimes we just really regret design decisions we made five years ago, it’s a thing.


Panel 1 (overhead of Eris and Imogen at the kitchen island)
Eris: I still don’t know why. We were good together, the three of us. We could have been a family, or at least I thought so.
Imogen: Oh… I’m sorry.
Eris: You should know what you’re getting into, with her.

Panel 2 (Imogen, affronted)
Imogen: What is it with today? Everyone assumes that Alex is like… just waiting to pounce on an almost-divorced mother of four living in her house. We’re not dating, or pre-dating, or whatever. We’re just friends.

Panels 3-5 (Eris takes this in with a knowing smile, and puts her hands on Imogen’s)
Eris: Oh, babe.