Happy Wednesday!! Happy spooky season!


Panel 1 (Imogen, exclaiming, facing the viewer)
Imogen: Don’t you think this is hard for me, too? I’m terrified of the future! But this is the one thing I’ve been good at. I have all this care in me. If you can’t see that, even if you’re trying to protect me, that’s even worse. …please don’t push me away. I really can’t handle being pushed away right now.

Panel 2 (inset, textless, Imogen’s wedding photo)

Panel 3 (Alex in bed, looking chastised, with Imogen turning to look at her)
Alex: …I’m trying.
Imogen: I know, I saw you with your brother’s book. I know it’s hard for you to look weak and let others help you.

Panel 4 (textless, Alex and Eiji’s childhood photo)

Panel 5 (just Alex, still looking chastised)
Alex: Yeah, my parents really did a number on both of us.