Happy Wednesday! And happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian peers – I hope you had a good long weekend! I did – we did so much cleaning and cooking, and the house is fully autumnal now. I cracked out my mom’s well-loved lentil soup recipe and her equally well-loved yellow stockpot and made the house smell so good.


Panel 1 (Imogen sits on the edge of the bed, looking back at Alex)
Imogen: …I talked to Eris a few weeks ago.
Alex: ..what? Why?
Imogen: I just… ran into her, and she invited me up for lunch.
Alex: What did she have to say?
Imogen: How… she felt like even though you were dating, she’d never be more than a friend.

Panel 2 (Eris, giving a younger Nolan a ride on her shoulders)
Alex, off-panel: Yeah… I guess that’s fair.

Panel 3 (Alex, throwing her hands in the air)
Alex: I can’t help it. I just take it personally when someone offers to help me… because it means they see me as someone who needs help.

Panel 4 (Imogen and Alex, just looking at each other)
Imogen: Oh, are we comparing who needs the most embarrassing help right now? I’m still in the lead.
Alex: I don’t know. I’ll need to shower eventually.