And it’s a wrap on chapter fifteen! Thank you all for reading!

There’s no need for a chapter break this time around, so we’ll keep going right into chapter sixteen next week – so don’t go too far away! 😀


Panel 1 (Imogen hugtackles Alex)
Imogen: Do you need me to beg? I can beg! Pweeeeeease, Alex! Big, strong, capable Alex! I’m not offering for you, I’m offering for me! I need someone to take care of!

Panel 2 (Imogen grins up at Alex)
Imogen: Let me help you or I’l dieeeeeee-

Panel 3 (Wide shot of the exterior of Alex’s house, from above)
Alex, from inside: Ahaha! No! That’s worse! You made it worse!
Imogen: Haha!