HAPPY WEDNESDAY! The weather fully turned here, and it’s been pouring barrels of rain down. I’m making fall food. I’m wearing sweater dresses. The animals are the right temperature to cuddle again. I’m brainstorming new comic ideas. I’m in my element.

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Panels 1-2 (textless, Imogen and Alex look at each other and laugh)

Panel 3 (textless, Lu and the other kids listening in on their laughter and sharing happy looks)

Panel 4 (Imogen and Alex talk in bed)
Imogen: Well, I have class tomorrow, so I’ll be gone for a few hours. We’ll try to get you set up so you don’t need to move around too much when I’m gone.
Alex: Promise me you won’t skip class for me.
Imogen: I promise. And now that Lu’s in high school, she can help be picking up the other kids and checking on you.

Panels 5-6 (Alex, looking uncomfortable, Imogen shushing her with a raised finger)
Alex: But…!
Imogen: Nope! I see that face. I know you don’t want to act like this. No buts!