Welcome to the last chapter of Motherlover! Yes, it really is! Incredible that something I started over five years ago is finally coming to a close. I worked really hard on this chapter – not just the chapter itself, but building everything up to it. If you want a romantic conclusion, first you must create the universe, etc.

Folks might have seen an earlier version of this post that I made in a hurry as I was crashing pretty spectacularly after a long day yesterday. Our dog Juno developed cancer and had surgery to remove four tumors, and it wasn’t until the end of the day that I remembered I needed to post today, so I put up a placeholder. Thanks for understanding!


Panel 1 (Imogen looks into a mirror, applying lipstick, while listening to a message on her phone)
Message: Hey Imogen! Don’t worry about responding to this until after the holidays, but I wanted to let you know some good news you can take into the new year. I just got the settlement offer from Mr. Dawson’s lawyer, and it’s looking very favorable. Rather than pay spousal support, he’s finally agreed to a clean break: selling the house and paying out your portion in a lump sum. Like we talked about, you’re entitled to half the home’s increase in value over the time you’ve been married…

Panel 2 (Imogen, from behind, stopping what she was doing and looking at the phone)
Message: Which, in this market, you know… well, you’re looking at about… [the rest of the message in a text bubble obscured by Imogen’s head]