Happy Wednesday! Apologies, the auto-post wasn’t set up yet for the new chapter. But it is still Wednesday!

Eagle-eyed visitors to the page may notice an addition to the sidebar on the right – or, rather, a reappearance of a section that hasn’t been around since pre-COVID times: convention appearances! I’ve been accepted to ECCC (Seattle) and VanCAF (Vancouver) this year after a long drought of not doing conventions, and I’d love to see y’all there! Put it on your calendars! Find me! Say hello, after so long! 😀


Panels 1+2 (Imogen smiles and continues to apply lipstick)
Phone message: With him moving away, he’s agreed to you having the majority of parenting time, with weekends and holidays with the boys, so there will be some child support as well. But we can go over the details when the office is open. Happy new year!

Panel 3 (Imogen decends the front stairs to where Alex is admitting some party guests)
Everyone: Hey, Imogen!

Panel 4 (Alex looking over her shoulder, holding coats)
Alex: Oh, thank god, can you- whoa, you okay? You have a weird look on your face.

Panel 5 (Imogen, flustered, proud)
Imogen: Yes! Ah, yeah, I just got a call from-