This week’s the week! I’m going to be at ECCC at table D-08, so please stop by and say hello! <33

We’re entering some of my favorite pages in the whole comic in the coming weeks, both the writing and the art. Motherlover’s been such a labour of learning, and I’m glad to be able to do it!!


Panel 1 (Alex and Imogen talking on the patio bench)
Alex: No, no, I totally get it. Can I be a selfish bitch for a second?
Imogen: Always.

Panel 2 (close-up of Alex fiddling with her parent’s ring she wears on her left hand)
Alex: I’m happy for them, but it’s like… why him? We had the same parents, grew up with the same expectations… why does he get to have happy, healthy relationships, not me?

Panel 3 (close-up, Alex)
Alex: Why do I destroy all my relationships before they get serious?

Panel 4 (overhead view of Imogen’s darkened house next door)
Imogen, off-panel: If it helps, marriage isn’t everything either. It’s weird to see people starting their married lives together when I’ve been trying to get out of mine.