And in the final chapter, I finally shifted the entire palette to show that the characters are outside in the night, instead of arbitrarily making everything more blue. Wow! Still learning things, even six years into a project. 😀

ECCC is coming up! If you’re in the Seattle area, I’d love to see you there at table D-08. I’ve really missed being able to talk to y’all in person since I stopped doing shows, and I’m WAY EXCITED to get back in it!


Panels 1-3 (textless; Imogen comes out onto the patio and sits on the swinging bench, wrapping herself in a blanket)

Panel 4 (Alex joins her, looking confused)
Alex: Hey, you okay? It’s cold out here.
Imogen: Yeah! Yeah, of course.

Panel 5 (Imogen, close-up)
Imogen: It’s just… really loud in there…

Panel 6 (Alex sits down beside Imogen on the bench)
Imogen: …and I didn’t want to get my ugly divorce energy all over everyone. Sorry, I know that’s…