Happy Wednesday! I really like this page, for some reason. The expressions just feel right to me. And little squawky Imogen in the corner is so cute.

I’m traveling to GDC next week where I’ll be giving a talk to help game devs understand fandom! It shouldn’t interrupt the posting schedule (I’ll try to get it queued before I leave, like a smart person) but I just wanted to say it because I’m excited. 😀

[EDIT, 3/20]: Reader, I did NOT get it posted before I left. This week’s comic will be posted tomorrow night when I get home!! Sorry!


Panels 1-2 (Alex listens to Imogen, then looks up)
Imogen: I don’t know, though… if I even want to date another guy. I can’t imagine marrying one.
Alex: O-oh, right. Of course. Yeah.

Panel 3 (Imogen continues on, chipper, while Alex studiously looks away from her)
Imogen: I mean, what if I get another terrible one, right?
Alex: Mmhmm! Right, sure.

Panels 4-6 (Alex continues to look away while Imogen chews her lip looking at her, then they both start talking:)
Imogen: That’s not the only reason-
Alex: You deserve someone who-