Ahoy! Sorry for the delay – I intended to get this queued before I traveled, and super did not. But here it is! And it’s one of my favorite panels of Imogen, for many reasons.


Panel 1 (Alex and Imogen from behind, smiling)
Imogen: You first.
Alex: No, you.

Panel 2 (large panel of Imogen, explaining with a shy smile)
Imogen: Oh, well… it feels so silly, after all this time, but… I used to be so sheltered, like, I had one goal, and I got it, and the rest was like… whatever. It’s fine! A-and then, I met you, and… all your friends, and then Lu came out. And now, getting more involved with the group on campus… and your brother! Getting married! It just feels… right? Like I’ve finally found people who I want to be around. Who like me. The real me. And they’re all… gay…?

Panels 3 (Alex, smiling back, then answering gently,)
Alex: Yeah… we do… tend to find each other, without knowing.