“Give your character a cool tattoo sleeve,” she thought, “You can draw a tattoo.”

Spoiler: I cannot draw a tattoo. Please do not base your Alex cosplay off of my terrible tattoo drawing skills.

Those of you who also read How Baby or follow me on Twitter or Patreon already know, but I’ve got a bit of good news — excellent news, actually — I’m proud to share that I’m now being represented by Kate McKean, of the Howard Morhaim Literary Agency! Kate is an accomplished agent and avid reader of graphic novels, and I’m very excited to work with her on everything going forward!

Big things are happening and it’s all very exciting, thank you for coming on this ride with me. <3


Panel 1 (Imogen looking distraught at the debit machine, Alex looking on)
Raj (off-panel): Nope. Do you want to try again?
Alex: I can get it.
Imogen: No, no, I have another card…

Panel 2 (Alex tapping her debit card on the reader)
Alex: Whoops! It slipped.

Panel 3 (Alex walking away from the register, holding a piece of barfi)
Imogen: You didn’t have to do that.
Alex: What’s the point of having dead parents if you can’t spend your inheritance on coffee?