Imogen tries her best.

I’m all wrapped for shows this year! Thank you to everyone who came out and saw me this year – I may have been frazzled from being behind a table or in a crowd, but every one of you was one solid point in the Positive column of this year, and I’m sure you know how much that’s needed.

If you want me to come to a show near you, consider telling your local convention to invite me as a guest or panelist in 2019!


Panel 1 (Raj, leaning on the counter)
Raj: As if you would know love if it sat on your face.

Panel 2 (Alex, annoyed, and Imogen, shocked)
Alex: Raj. That’s uncharitable.

Panel 3 (Raj wagging his finger at Alex)
Raj: And entirely correct.

Panel 4 (Imogen throwing herself between the two)
Imogen: Okay! I! I have an order now, thanks!

Panel 5 (Imogen, who does not have an order)
Imogen: I’ll have a… darn, a… pumpkin spice latte?

Panel 6 (Raj and Alex snipe as Imogen pays)
Raj: And you, madame? Dining off-menu tonight?
Alex: The usual, garçon.

Panel 7 (A PIN pad, showing a declined card)