I’d like to thank The Sims 4 for these delicious reference photos for their houses. There’s no way I could have done that freehand, hah.


Panel 1 (Alex from behind, her fingers laced behind her head)
Alex: So, what do you think? Mostly I’ve been running down to the park and back…

Panel 2 (textless; Imogen looking embarrassed)

Panel 3 (a continuation from Panel 1, Imogen looking over at Alex in Panel 1)
Alex, cont: …but we could go a little farther, if you’re up for it. Grab a coffee down on the main street, maybe?

Panel 4 (Alex and Imogen, from high above, standing in the front yard)
Imogen: Wait, wait, I have to come clean. There’s no way I can run that.
Alex: Really? Then why…
Imogen, anguished, from inset panel: I just wanted to be friends with the cool new mom! I hate running!

Panel 5 (textless; Alex looking surprised)

Panel 6 (Alex, leaning in with a grin)
Alex: “Cool?”

Panel 7 (Imogen grabbing Alex by the wrists)
Imogen: Shut up! Yes!