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Motherlover will take an inter-chapter break while I start work on the next chapter, which coincides with time off for two shows: RCCC in Portland, and ECEE in Edmonton! Catch me at one of those if you’re local! Motherlover will return for regular weekly updates on Wednesday, October 3!*

(*okay, yes, I know I said the 26th at first, but MAN, that was kind of ambitious of me!! I need a bit more time! The whole first month of school is draining, man.)


Panel 1 (Alex and Imogen leaving the front yard)
Alex: Well, thanks for telling me. We don’t have to run.
Imogen: Can we at least go for a walk?
Alex: Yeah, sounds good.

Panel 2 (wide shot of them walking away, down the road; Alex is skipping)
Alex: I’m probably going to run a little bit, though.
Imogen: That’s fine!!