And, we’re back after the break! Thank you for sticking around, and for the extra week to churn out these sick backgrounds, dude.

Thank you to everyone who came and visited me at conventions in the meantime! It was wonderful to see you all and hear what you think of the story, so far. <3

If you are a fic-writing person (helloooooo), it may interest you to know that Motherlover is in the tagset for Yuletide 2018, the small fandoms holiday exchange! You know, just in case you were looking for another fandom to add to your wishlist. 😉


Panel 1 (Rooftops of a quaint suburban commercial avenue)
Speech bubble: Oh my gosh.
SFX: huff, huff, huff, huff

Panel 2 (Imogen leaning heavily against a telephone pole while Alex looks back, amused)
Imogen: I don’t think I’ve run that hard since high school.
SFX: huff, wheeze
Alex: I knew you could run that last bit!

Panel 3 (Imogen, keeled over in exhaustion)
Imogen: You’re a machine.
SFX: huff, huff, huff

Panel 4 (Alex, bouncing on one foot as she indicates a coffee shop)
Alex: I’m results-oriented. See? We’re already here.