Remember in chapter two when I declared we’d never see the front of another person’s house ever again? Ah, those halcyon days. I was so young then, so naive.

I’ll be a FanExpo Vancouver this weekend, the last show of the year! Find me at table A70 in the artist alley, peddling wares and waving at babies.


Panel 1 (Alex enters the cafe)
SFX: cling cling

Panel 2 (an excruciatingly lovingly rendered cafe interior)

Panel 3 (Raj, a mustachioed man wearing a tag that reads ‘MANAGER’)
Raj: Ah! The prodigal daughter returns.

Panel 4 (Imogen looking around in awe, while Raj teases Alex)
Imogen: …has this place always been here?
Alex: It’s easy to miss. Raj and I went to school together.
Raj: Yes, and you left!
Alex: Not all of us can find love and open a business in the same place they grew up, Raj!