Happy Wednesday!

Bulletproof coffee is (was) totally a thing and the fad came and went in (checks calendar) 2015? 2016?? And involved not only butter but also special proprietary brain-growing oils that, of course, you could buy from the guy who came up with the idea. But the butter-in-coffee thing was pretty good, ngl.

Also, meet Ariel. Him big.


Panel 1 (Ariel setting down a mug for Imogen, who is blushing)
Ariel: Hello, gorgeous. Your pumpkin spice latte.
Imogen: Oh! Um, haha, thank you.

Panel 2 (Ariel, unimpressed setting down a mug for Alex)
Ariel: And this.
Alex: Love you too, Ariel.

Panel 3 (Ariel, arms crossed while Imogen looks on, concerned)
Ariel: It’s butter. Says it makes the coffee more efficient. Moves away, gets all these ideas. Nothing wrong with my coffee.

Panel 4 (Alex, cradling her mug with a dreamy smile)
Alex: Nothing wrong with your coffee.