Happy Motherlover update day! With thanks to my friend Jules, whose path to motherhood loosely inspired Alex’s and helped me work out a few kinks in the dialogue this week. <3


Panel 1 (Imogen and Alex talking at the table)
Imogen: Anyway, that’s my life story, basically. I’m pretty much just a mom now.
Alex: Are you going to give college another shot now that the kids are in school?

Panel 2 (close-up of Imogen drinking her coffee)
Imogen: To be honest, I haven’t really thought about it!

Panel 3 (Ariel gesturing about A+I to Raj, who is rolling his eyes, as Alex and Imogen talk off-panel)
Imogen: How about you? How did you end up having a kid on your own?
Alex: Oh, geez. Well, the short answer is that I wanted to, so I did. Even if I wanted to get married, which I don’t, there was no reason to wait for the “right” person.
Imogen: You’ve been single this whole time?

Panel 4 (inset; Alex curled up in her chair, expression absent)
Alex: Well, there have been girlfriends… but I chose Nolan before she was even born. I don’t need anyone else.