Every time I draw Alex I try to make her more of a thirst trap, and I think it’s working.
Panel 1 (Alex relaxing in her chair while Imogen looks on in the foreground)
Imogen: I can’t imagine doing it alone. What do you do?
Alex: I’m a musician.
Imogen: No way? Like in a rock band or something? Are you famous?
Alex: Not really? I play the cello. Released a few albums, royalties, rich parents, stuff like that.
Panel 2 (extreme close-up on Imogen’s face as she thinks furiously)
Panel 3 (Imogen, triumphant, holding her phone displaying a YouTube video of a blood-spattered woman in white playing the cello)
Imogen: “Bloody Bride Plays Cello Horror Medley!!”
Alex, scandalized but laughing from inset panel: Oh my god! I’ve done other things!