Guess what, I know how to draw a cello now.

…well, mostly! How does the saying go again: horseshoes, hand grenades, and comic panels? πŸ˜€


Panel 1 (video still; Alex as the “Bloody Bride”)
Imogen: I’ve watched that video like a thousand times! Oh my gosh!!
Alex: Please don’t.

Panel 2 (video still; Alex posing shirtless and lying down, obscured by her cello)
Imogen: I never looked up your real name. Wow, you’re all over YouTube.
Alex: Cello YouTube isn’t exactly huge.

Panel 3 (video still; Alex and a violinist identified under the video as [Anne] Akiko Meyers)
Imogen: Okay. Okay. Wow. I didn’t know I was in the company of viral video royalty.

Panel 4 (video still; Alex illuminated against an orchestra as she plays cello)
Alex: How do you know about that. That’s like ten years old.
Imogen: Uh, it has like fourteen million views.

Panel 5 (video still or static image; Alex in a beautiful dress on the cover of TIME)
Imogen: And I… just really liked it. I watched a lot of horror movies when the kids were little.

Panel 6 (Imogen, finished looking at her phone and holding it fondly to her chest)
Imogen: Kind of like… here, here’s this totally fake scary thing to distract you from the really scary things.