Every so often. like every couple of pages, when I decide to do an establishing shot, I think back to the beginning of chapter two when I made a crack about how we’d never see the outside of a building again and it’s just like… fool… you played yourself.

Time passes! Much like it did when I got sucked into playing The Sims when I loaded it up to build the coffeeshop to get this perspective. Why didn’t I do this eleven weeks ago? Hubris. Sheer hubris.


Panel 1 (Alex, close-up)
Alex: Huh. I just ran and drank a lot of wine.

Panel 2 (Imogen, close-up)
Imogen: Whatever works, right?

Panel 3 (no dialogue; an overhead shot of Cafe Papi and surrounding street)

Panel 4 (no dialogue; two empty coffee mugs)