Whew! Sorry for the late page this week, folks; time got away from me, and this one was a bit of a struggle.

What’s that, you say? Perhaps I shouldn’t do two interior shots of an old woman’s crowded living room? Nah, couldn’t be. Where’s the fun in that?



Panel 1 (Mrs. Abrams welcomes Alex and Nolan into her home, a quaint and crowded living space that looks as you would imagine a grandmother’s house would look – doilies, photos crammed onto every surface, plastic wrapped couch, etc)
Mrs. Abrams: Well, you’d best come in, then.

Panel 2 (close-up of a framed photo: Mrs. Abrams with two young children, one of whom may be Alex)
Mrs. Abrams: Sit, sit. I’ll put on the tea.

Panel 3 (Alex and Nolan greet Pika, while Mrs. Abrams walks into the kitchen)
Alex: Oh, no, you don’t have to.
Mrs. Abrams: Nonsense. Who’s going to eat all these cookies?

Panel 4 (Nolan gives Alex the puppy-dog eyes while Pika cranes around ridiculously)
Alex: …okay. We’ll stay a bit.

Panel 5 (Mrs. Abrams at the kitchen door, a knowing look on her face)
Mrs. Abrams: I’m never above using a grandmother’s special tricks, dear.