Happy Wednesday! Have a few more crumbs of Alex’s sad puppy backstory.

I talked about this a bit on Twitter, how this chapter feels a bit slower to me because it’s not obviously in the service of the Romantic Arc we’re all looking forward to. But, it’s important to me, because it sets in motion a lot of stuff that’s going to come into play with Alex and her own personal character arc. I’m really excited for that story in general – and for Alex and Imogen to both feel like whole people who are good for each other in general – so I hope you stick with it even though this part doesn’t obviously lead to the kissing. <3


Panel 1 (Mrs. Abrams is pouring water into a teapot in her kitchen)
Mrs. Abrams: So sorry to hear about your parents.
Alex, off-panel: Thank you.
Mrs. Abrams: They were good people.

Panel 2 (close-up of Alex’s neutral(ish) face)
Alex: Mm.

Panel 3 (overhead of Mrs. Abrams’ hands carrying a tray with a teapot, mugs, and cookies)
Mrs. Abrams: I know it’s no comfort to the living, dear, but at least they went around the same time. It’s been twenty-five years since George passed, and I think of him every day. Same thing got him in the end as your father, I think. Lung cancer.

Panel 4 (Alex, looking pensive)
Alex: Stomach.
Mrs. Abrams, off-panel: Oh, dear. And your mother?
Alex: A stroke. Dad passed in hospice a few weeks later.