We’re back! Sorry for the skipped week last week; I did a lot more work on the script and it’s in a little better shape than it was, hooray!

This was an object lesson in why you should run your fake restaurant names through Google first, lest you end up sharing a name with a fictional speakeasy in Riverdale. Uh, whoops. Crisis averted.

I’m going to be at Anime Revolution this weekend, in here in Vancouver, holding down table A100 in the artist alley! If you’re nearby, come swing by! <3


Panel 1 (Alex standing in front of a fancy-looking restaurant with an awning on which is written Café
Alex: The shine wears off after the third time you’ve picked them up for being arrested for chaining themselves, naked, to a tree.

Panel 2 (Imogen looks upwards, presumably reading the awning, looking slightly intimidated)
Imogen: That’s…

Panel 3 (Imogen, the same, only looking anguished)
Imogen: That doesn’t make them sound any less cool, Alex!

Panel 4 (Alex looking over her shoulder)
Alex: They’re just bougie kids like me, who managed not to grow up to be total scum.