New character daaaaaay~

Thank you to people who stopped by at AniRevo last weekend! It was good to geek out with you. The next, and probably last, show of the year is RCCC in Portland in September, which is always a fun one. <3


Panel 1 (Imogen, from below, looking up at an ornate paneled ceiling)
Imogen: This is a real… ladies who lunch place, huh?

Panel 2 (Three people sit at a table in a fine dining restaurant, with a view of the water through large windows.)
Caption: Imogen’s Cliff Notes, via Alex:
Caption: Alys Kinsey, installation artist. “Super nice; one of the good exes.”
Caption: Caleb Mayfair, sex therapist. Married to Sparrow, “but it’s not exclusive,” whatever that means.
Caption: Sparrow. Model. Timeless. Fearsome. Don’t ask to see their photos.
Kinsey: Alex!

Panel 3 (Alex leaning over Kinsey to hug her from behind.)
Kinsey: I’m so glad you could make it.